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The rat race.

The hampster wheel.

Living to work vs working to live.


This whole thing just feels utterly ridiculous, and yet any time I try to articulate why, and just exactly what I’m feeling, I fall short in the words department.

Maybe it’s related to an internal knowing that there’s more, and that the more that I talk about in this context is a deeper more… one that touches the heart and the soul.

Part of the frustration that I’m feeling relates to the fact that it seems there are so few people who also feel this way, or who will say it out loud. We’d rather stick with the status quo, getting up & driving to work only to sit through one boring meeting or call after another, then fight traffic to get back home again. Over and over. Just trying to get to the weekend. Then Friday night, the countdown to Monday begins, and it’s like there’s a grey cloud hanging over those few, precious days.

Just… yuck.

I know there’s got to be another way. A better way. Let the explorations begin!