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Today, I am practicing being here.

On second thought… let’s not call it practice today. Let’s call it experimenting. Today, I am experimenting with being here.

Yesterday, I caught part of this video from Kyle Cease (if you don’t know of his work, you might really enjoy it). I say part of the video, because by about halfway through I stopped it so that I could chew on the first bit.

Do you know how you’ll hear something over and over through the years, but then only at a certain point does it actually drop through for you in a way that’s really meaningful to you in that moment? That’s what happened for me yesterday.

I realized, then, that so much of my daily gnashing of teeth is related to wanting to be somewhere else. In a bigger house. In a smaller (tiny!) house. In a different job. With no job at all. As an entrepreneur. In a cabin in the Oregon woods. I want to get rid of everything I own and only keep a small handful of my things. No, actually I want to go buy more and really decorate this house in a way that feels comfy and cozy.

Really, I want to be anywhere but here. Any time but now. Anything but this. So much so that I struggle with this on a day to day basis. In fact, I would say that this very thing is the root of my daily dissatisfaction with life.

Given that, I decided yesterday to practice (experiment with!) being content here. Being satisfied now. Wanting what I have and, for now, no more. Just to see how it would go, and whether anything else would change in the presence of my acceptance of What Is.

I’ll let you know what I find… and please, feel free to play along & experiment with me. Let me know what you find!