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I’m feeling such an urge to write again lately. Well, an urge to both write and listen, more truly. The listening part is easy, and is enjoyable for the most part. The writing bit though… that’s been a whole different ball game lately. I can, and do, write and write and write when it comes to personal journaling etc… But when it comes to writing here, or on social, I freeze up.

It never used to be this way. I used to write publicly, and freely, on the regular in years past. The only reason that comes to mind right now as to why I don’t feel able to do that in the same ways as before is that there’s a bit of fear (isn’t it always, in some form?), and I recall having written something about not wanting to live this year in fear… or from fear. And since the only way to get better at writing is to write… well, here I am!

I drew a card today to give me a kind of jumping off point for my writing here… I love this deck, and how vibrant each card is. I may start using these daily as a starting point for doing some writing. Or not. It’s all a big experiment, after all 🙂

Ohhh, you know what? It just occurred to me what this card is about (at least for me, right here & right now). It’s about checking in with my heart and listening / caring only about what I hear there. Not about what anyone else thinks about my writing (if anyone will even see or think anything of it!). Not what anyone else thinks, period. It’s about checking in with, listening for, and hearing heart.

How perfect is that?!