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Hey there! My name’s Angel, and I kinda have a thing for asking questions (the helpful kind). And given the fact that so many of us spend so much time walking around our lives not quite sure of what’s what, it’s a pretty cool ability.

So I’m just your typical everyday introverted HSP who happens to believe that too many of us are rooted in fear, and don’t even realize it (this is where the questions come in)!

I created this site as a way to document how I use these questions as a doorway into taking back mySelf, and becoming more fully Who I Am (minus so much fear).

I invite you along for the ride.

My hope is that you’ll find something here that speaks to you… something that ignites your innate spark & wakes yourSelf so that together, we can Be The Change.

If that sounds like it’s something that may be right up your alley, stay tuned.

Got something to say? I’m listening (oh yeah, that’s my other superpower… listening, but not the type of listening that you’re used to experiencing… you know what I mean… where the other person pretends to hear you, all while considering what shade of nail polish to paint her toenails next – blech). Drop me a line, tell me everything (or just, you know, what you wanna share). Either way, I’m all ears.


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