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Update time again! You may have seen that I’m running a couple / few experiments on my life this month. Well, it’s been another week and it’s time to post an update on how it’s gone so far.


Financial Stuff:

I’ve kept up on my daily check-in’s / tracking. I can say that it’s been very clarifying already. I wish I could say that this month is different from any other month, but I’m afraid if I were to look back over previous months I’d find that it’s really not. I’m pretty clear at this point (already! only two weeks in!) that I’m going to want to address the whole wants vs needs thing. I’m not so great with that. I keep reminding myself that the whole point of this experiment is to get clarity on where the money is going each month, and, well…. now I’m learning.

So there’s that.


The Fun Stuff:

I haven’t been choosing an activity from my jar every single day, but I have been enjoying my evenings (reading the things I want to read, taking our family walks, and generally just playing). I’ve included a few pictures from an experiment in creating my first DIY facial scrub (it wasn’t nearly coarse enough for me, I didn’t even notice the sugar in it when I used it), below, though it was from a few weeks ago. The good news is that it was super simple to make, and can easily be adjusted. I borrowed the book in the picture from the library, and there were a ton of recipes in it, but the editing in the book leaves a little something to be desired (you’ve been warned).




I did spend a good bit of time last week working my way through a digital art course that I signed up for. It has been super fun, and I’m not quite done so I may review it with links next week, but I’m really enjoying that. Just today I finished the landscape aspect of the course so I haven’t played with many of those images yet, but I have been playing with the selfies aspect of it, so I’m including a collage of those below.




And that’s about that for this week. I’m pretty distracted tonight, with the TV going in the background, and knowing that I’ve waited until the last minute to write this so technically it’s nearly my bedtime 🙂 I promise to do better next week and not wait until the last minute!