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So we’re three weeks in to my set of experiments for July. All I can say at this point, is that it’s going. I’m, admittedly, not the best at finishing things (though I’m fantastic at starting!) so we’re getting to the point that this is beginning to feel like a bit of a slog for me. Still, I know that it’s taking me where I want to go… so we carry on.

I realized this morning that I’ve been writing here kind of like I feel I should, and since this project is primarily for me (in the hopes, too, that it can inspire you to start your own experiments with your own life) there’s no reason that I can’t speak freely… more as myself. BIG YAY for that!

Ok, so let’s dive right in, shall we?


Financial Stuff:

I didn’t think I’d missed a day with my daily in/out reporting, but when I went back to look for a particular day to record it elsewhere, I could not find it and neither could my friend (the one who is helping me as my accountability partner). So… unfortunately, it looks like I did miss one day so far this month, but none this past week.

It’s interesting to find that, knowing I have committed to reporting my daily in/out flow of money, I find myself putting off purchases many days. What that has turned into (sometimes, but not all the time!) is that I don’t buy the thing that feels so vital, in the moment, to buy. I find this both fascinating, and annoying as all get out! Fascinating, because it’s interesting to notice how easily my purchasing habits can change, and annoying because it’s “keeping me” from buying the things I want when I want them (clearly only ego stuff).

I’ve downloaded some budgeting and money tracking sheets to try out to see whether they’d help me in this entire endeavor, and I’m a bit bummed to say that – so far – they’re not. I guess the updside to this is that it’s prompting me to my own little bit of something. When that’s available, I’ll share it here in case it’s also helpful to you. We’re all so different in how we think and process things, and what we find helpful so this might be really good for both of us in the end 🙂


Fun Stuff:

And now for the fun stuff! I think I may want to start writing down what fun stuff I’m doing each day because thinking back I cannot remember what I did this past week after work. I know that some days I just feel too worn out to do a whole lot of anything and I really do want to just veg a bit. This week seemed to be full of those days for some reason. I just set a reminder on my phone for the coming week, and hopefully that will help prompt me to actually choose one of my items each weekday & DO something. Even if it’s just a tiny thing.

This past week I did spend some time playing with essential oils, and with selfie digital art. I’ve still not finished the digital art class I started, but would love to finish that this week so I may put that on the calendar as my fun thing for tomorrow, now that I think about it. Sometimes actually blocking off time, though it feels in some ways to be super structured, is the only way that will work for me.




I clearly have some kind of thing about distorting much of my face, and only leaving one eye clearly visible. I suppose I could do some journaling around that, but haven’t yet. That’s just what is most appealing to me right now in playing with these. You can see another example in this post.




Now this guy right here? I wish, so much, that I could remember where I read about this blend so that I could give due credit, but having gone back and searched I cannot find it for the life of me. Someone I follow, or came across a blog post from, mentioned this & called it something like her Aveda blend, saying that it smells like an Aveda salon. The Aveda salon that I go to doesn’t smell quite like this, but I LOVE having my home smell like this! I wasn’t sure about the combo when I first read about it, but I’m open to trying things out & when I did I was entirely hooked. It’s got just enough sweet and just enough not-sweet to balance it out, to my senses. I purchased some tiny little bottles with reducers to make up my own mix of this since it gets a bit irritating to mix it up in my diffuser over and over. I’m also making a roller-bottle of it to carry around. (psst… it’s 2 drops each in the diffuser, and that makes it pretty strong… test out on your own for your own taste!) #sogood




And this one? This was pure luck on my part. I was just testing some things out to see what would work together, and came upon a complete winner with this one. The cedarwood really balances out (HA!) the Balance so nicely…. mellows it out a bit. If I’ve got the diffuser going, it’s a pretty safe bet that this combo is in it… it’s kind of my go-to when I’m not sure what I need but know I want something. Just a 1-to-1 ratio on this one as well.

Guess that’s it for this week. I’ll be back next week with a final report on this month’s experiments along with where I’m going from here. Have a great week!