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Update time! You may have seen that I’m running a couple / few experiments on my life this month. Well, it’s been a week and it’s time to post an update on how it’s gone so far.

I wish I could say that I felt like I’d passed with flying colors… I can say that, overall, I do feel like I did pretty well.


The financial stuff:

  1. I am reporting in here, today, as promised. That’s something (trust me, I didn’t really want to!)
  2. I did send those daily emails every single day, and I did meet my primary goal of tracking every penny in and out all week. That secondary goal of spending only on needs??? Not so much, I’m afraid. I told you in the last post, I’m a master at justifying. I can see that this is going to be a bit more of a struggle for me than I’d hoped. It’s also an opportunity to really start to get some clarity around why I do this (which is ultimately the entire goal of this experiment)! I can already hear the voices (you should’ve known better, you suck with money and you should never have started something like this knowing you’d just fail… etc…) but I’m not taking it in this time. I’m just not. I know that I’m working to create change in my life, and it might not always be smooth sailing, but not hitting the target the first time out doesn’t make me a failure.
  3. I did use that alarm every day to remember to send the email, but honestly I mostly didn’t need it. I’ll keep it for now, though, just to be sure.
  4. I did use the calendar every day too, and found that helpful. Will keep doing that.

Overall I would say that I’m pleased with the start of the project, and either way, will carry on because of that clarity mentioned above. That’s my real goal with this entire thing. I just want to see where I stand and what I actually want and need to shift given my ultimate goals.


The fun stuff:

I played with lots of things this week – yay! The one thing I did the most, though? Skate! Before the challenge, I’d ordered some inline skates with some unexpected money that came in. I’d been wanting to buy some for ages, and kept putting it off due to the cost & not being sure I’d actually use them again. It’d been SO LONG since I’d skated at all, and I knew I’d be starting from scratch and learning all over again how to stay upright 🙂

But I’ve been skating every day, and it’s felt amazing! I’ve gone just a little bit further every time I skate, with the goal of building up my muscles (hurts the shins and the feet right now!) and my endurance. I feel like Freedom in Motion when I’m out there, I swear. I just try to go early in the morning, just before sunrise (which also affords me the opportunity to take some really gorgeous pictures of the sunrise behind the trees).


I also found time to do some relaxing coloring (wooo!), as well as to begin to teach myself crochet.

I’m feeling really really good about this part of the experiment. I feel like I’m getting into flow again, and into joy. It’s SO yummy! More of this to come, for sure!

So there we have it. One week down. Only three more to go laughing

I’ll be back again next week to check in and send an update on how this coming week has gone… Please feel free to ask any questions you have about this experiment, and post the results of your own experiment as you play along!