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I have been kicking this post around for days. Trying to figure out where to start, what to share, what I shouldn’t share, etc…

Then I decided that done is better than perfect, so here we go 🙂

2017 was hard. I mean, really. It was challenging in a way that few other years have been (and I’m not even going into any of the political bits that played into this!).

My family lost two members in the spring of 2017, within a month of each other. One of them completely unexpectedly. Immediately following that, we made a pretty major move to the county north of where we’d lived for over a decade (did you know that moving house is listed as one of the top stressors? It’s true.), and within just a couple of weeks of that, our girl flew out to Texas to go to Basic Military Training and to join the US Air Force (part of her experience involved doubling her time there due to medical issues). There was lots of travel (for the funerals, for work, to see my girl at her BMT graduation – yay!), and travel is always super hard for me for various reasons. Oh, and then throw into the mix two serious bouts with depression that left me not wanting to be here anymore. Like, at all.

Things had been getting worse and worse at work toward the end of 2017, too. I was making mistakes, and I knew it. I constantly felt brain-foggy, and just completely worn down by life in general. I was getting up at 4:15 am, and just going all day long (wanting to nap mid-day but choosing not to because my lunch break was study time), then crashing by about 8:15 every night.

Things got to the point that I pulled my boss aside & we had a bit of a heart to heart. I told her I needed a break. We worked out a way to take a few days off before the end of the year, and then to take the first week of January off altogether. Thank goodness.

Leading up to all of this, I had been grasping at straws. Looking for any way I could find to just hang in until then. I was writing every day. Walking that doggy-dog. Doing yoga. Meditating (most days 😉 ). Looking for things to feel grateful for. I was doing all the things I knew to do, and still feeling like I was slowly going under.

I’d been on Facebook very little in the last year or so… mostly had quit social media altogether a while back when it all felt like it was too much. Only created a new account in the summer of 2017 to be part of the Air Force Wing Mom’s group (because hello! No talking to that girl for weeks and weeks on end… and not having any idea of what was going on to boot? NOPE). Toward the fall, I started to become just a bit more active on Facebook. Long story short, through my activity there, I heard of a new-ish health thing that I decided I needed to try. I am normally super wary of these things, but again… grasping at straws, folks.

Little did I know how much taking that one little chance would change things.

Within just two days of being on this 3-step system, I was feeling more energetic and more clear / awake / aware than I remember feeling in ages. I decided by that second day that I was going to be consistent with this, no matter what. By a week in, I decided I wanted to become a promoter for it.

  • I don’t need coffee in the mornings just to wake up enough to get moving anymore
  • I am sleeping through the night vs tossing and turning
  • I feel clear-headed and ALIVE again
  • No more crashing at 8:15 every night (are you kidding?!)
  • I feel so much more emotionally stable, & and far less moody (ask my family… they’re thrilled 😉 )

But the biggest factor for me, the biggest thing I’m gaining from this system?

I have hope again.

I mean it… I’d gotten to the point where I was very nearly at the end of my rope. Very nearly out of hope. What’s left when there’s no hope? I don’t know, and I’ll tell you I don’t want to find out.

I’ve got hope again. I feel like I’ve got my groove back. I feel alive. Creative. Hopeful. Energized. I feel like all things are possible again.

Do you know what that’s worth?

I don’t even have the words to describe what it’s worth for me.

Now obviously I’m not saying that this is some kind of panacea – that it’ll fix any challenge you might be running up against.

What I will say is that if you’re not hitting all of your nutritional needs, and your body is trying to tell you about it (even if you don’t realize that’s what it is – I had no idea!), you want to try this stuff. It is so easy, it’s silly not to.

Le-Vel has a great offer available until January 9th (10% back from each Experience pack ordered (as Thrive credits to use on a future order), plus free shipping) and I’d invite you to take advantage of it. Or, if you’re just not sure, and would prefer to start with a $30 trial pack of the complete 3-step system, let me know.

I honestly feel like everyone needs to know about this… needs to give themselves a shot at life again. If you’re feeling like you’re just not sure what else you can do… here’s your sign 🙂

So for me, even though I often feel like I’m living in a society that’s built for people entirely unlike myself… I still have a chance to thrive here. I believe you can too.