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Being in the world, but not of the world.

That’s more or less what this is all about for me right now.

Learning how to be here, to live in this world (and more specifically this western society) without being consumed by it.

Knowing in my heart that we don’t have to live this way. We aren’t meant to live this way.

The daily grind. This life drained of magick. This way of being that screams MORE all the time. This is not our truth (or it needn’t be).

We’re meant to experience Ordinary Magick, on the regular. We’re meant to experience life in ways that make our hearts smile and radiate their light out into all living things around us.

Realizing that I have been living in ways that drain the life from me, and it’s got to change. I’m drawing a line in the sand, starting now. It’s time to recalibrate.


The above is some personal writing I did recently, and is what prompted me to go ahead and start this site. Now. Even though it’s not ready and I’m not ready (when are we ever, really?).

So here we are.


I’ll share photos of things I’m experimenting with as I go along & learn more… I’ll see what works for me, and what doesn’t, and share it all with you. My goal is to not only shift my own life back towards more Ordinary Magick, but to do it in a way that also gives you hope (that feeling of YES! It is do-able right here and right now!), and ideas for steps you can try yourself.

Are you with me?